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The Northern Adriatic

The Northern Adriatic, or more specifically the Istrian and Kvarner sailing regions, make for a perfect getaway aboard Cool Change. Despite being lesser known than its southern counterpart, Dalmatia, or perhaps because of, the Northern Adriatic offers our guests more unique and unforgettable sailing experiences.


Our northern routes offer a fun mix of sight-seeing, gastro experiences, and calm sailing trips- representing the very best of what Croatia has to offer. This region provides calm waters with well-protected bays for anchoring and peaceful landscapes in which to enjoy the local flora and fauna: the perfect backdrop for your dream getaway.

Image by Lothar Boris Piltz

Several incredible destinations stand out in the Northern Adriatic. The Brijuni (Brijoni) Archipelago is a charming national park for nature and history buffs alike. Just off the western Istrian coast, it is a unique place to find a natural, fish-shaped island, breath taking natural beauty, unbelievable archeological treasures , and a real safari.

Lose yourself in Pula gazing at the awe inspiring architecture of the most intact ancient Roman amphitheater.

Pula Amphitheater Croatia
Image by Máté Melega

Shortly after you can relax in one of the beautiful bays on the small
island of Unije, or rest somewhere on the sandy beaches of Cres Island, knowing your yacht is 
anchored only a few yards away in the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic.

There is even more to be seen on Krk Island. Escape to the glass-like waters in the bay of Punat, where you can enjoy the shelter from stronger winds, as well as perhaps a short swim to the tiny island of Košljun, nestled inside the bay.

When sun and sea become too much, you can drop your anchor next to the picturesque town of Rab and enjoy a peaceful stroll along the coastal promenade. How about tasting some of the mouth-watering seafood in one of the local restaurants, or perhaps even prepared especially for you aboard the comfort of your yacht?

Image by Boudewijn Boer

Individualized itineraries offer culinary adventure, secret hidden enclaves of natural beauty, ancient architecture, relaxing crystal waters, or high-performance sailing . Customized for you, it's a place to escape your routine and recharge your batteries. 

As a special service to our guests, we offer one-way cruises, either as a southern route to Kornati National Park or a northern route to Venice, Italy.

Image by Dimitry Anikin

Experience the delightful town of Rovinj on the Istrian peninsula.

Image by Danijel Škabić
Image by Stijn te Strake

Spoil yourself with a one-way journey to the beautiful, romantic Italian city of Venice.

South Adriatic - Dalmatia

Central Adriatic croatian coast is better known as Dalmatian region. It stands for one of the most popular sailing areas of the world. With perfect mix of islands, ancient towns and mild climate,  Dalmatian region stretches from city of Zadar in the north to the „Adriatic jewl“ – Dubrovnik in South.

Image by Oliver Sjöström
Image by Geio Tischler
Image by Hrvoje_Photography 🇭🇷
Image by Pika Žvan
Image by Alex Meier
Image by Slobodan Špijunović
Image by Aleksandra Krasinska
Image by Hilthart Pedersen
Image by Sergii Gulenok
Image by Avery Meeker
Image by Geio Tischler
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